Sunday, October 4, 2009

50 Easy Soups

As I'm sitting here at 5:21am, I can hear raindrops falling off the roof of my house. We've been blessed with another two days of rain and I'm quite sure it will continue through tomorrow. My friend Lisa read that it was going to be a very wet Fall. (note to self: get Riley Jane some rain boots!) In lieu of these developments, I thought I'd post this link from Foodtv. 50 Easy Soups It's a great article and the directions are in like 2-4 sentences! Those are my kind of directions! Keep it simple, right? I feel like fresh ingredients are important for our bodies this time of year! Let me know which are your favorites!

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  1. Thanks Becky! I'll definately try some of these soups. I love soup. We're having rain also, but desparately need it. We're anxiously awaiting a call that RJ has a new brother. Can't be too much longer.